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Mobile phone anti-theft device note

Mobile phone anti-theft devices to connect the power adapter, and don't forget to connect the power supply.
The use of 3M film notes:
1, do not place on the hot or cold indoor environment, remember is the air outlet;
2, pay attention to clean cloth adhesive when the first clean phone paste, it is best to use alcohol;
3, pay attention not to let the finger contact 3M film, sweat easily influence the film adhesive.
4, 3M paste, viscosity to achieve the best in 12 when I was a child, Wu tear film in a short period of time within the adhesive will affect the results.
Work instructions
Anti-theft device with a working indicating lamp, in front of the base.
When the anti-theft device is in a different state, different flicker frequency indicator.
The starting condition, the indicator light flashes once 6 seconds.
The security state, the indicator light flashes once 3 seconds.
The state of alarm, the indicator light will occur with high frequency flashing.
The off state, the indicator light does not work, do not display.
Daily inspection
Alarm check simple way:
Anti theft device connected to the power adapter, the charging line is connected to the mobile phone charging port, you can check whether it is normal for charging the mobile phone anti-theft device.
Unlock the device into anti-theft device, anti-theft device made by hand to press the bottom contact switch is pressed, then press the contact mobile phone support and a mouse head at the same time, the moment that is fortified state. Respectively the mouse head, mobile phone holder and the base contact is open, if the burglar alarm, which said burglar alarm contact normal.