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Mobile phone anti-theft function

1 mobile phone display function, so that customers can experience the new function of mobile phone.
2 mobile phone anti-theft function, can achieve the anti-theft of the mobile phone through the contact switch.
3 mobile phone charging port anti-theft function, mobile phone charging port in charging and guard against theft, saving panel contact anti-theft original, more beautiful and simple.
4 mobile phone receiver function, can through the detachable display on mobile phone anti-theft device support, to achieve safe receiver function
at night The characteristics of
Free, micro resistance, spring core technology of super elasticity, super lifting "cool" to experience!
Safety, high key inserted to unlock exclusive design, security level to senior! Reduce the remote controller failure, solve the marketing staff to ignore the warning sound, urged the marketing personnel as soon as possible to view mobile phone safety status.
Stability, we use multiple high performance "core" technology, reduce false positive, stable support mobile phone charging!
Classic, with other international classic anti-theft device, pay attention to cooperate with the mobile phone, mobile phone classic highlight!
Stable, with thick steel plate, stable!